What’s the difference between kiss cut, die cut and sticker sheets?


Kiss Cut Stickers. Die Cut Stickers. Sticker sheets. What do all these words mean and which one is better? Let us help explain the pros and cons of each.


Let’s tell you all about kiss cut stickers.

Kiss cut stickers are cut as the name implies, with a soft kiss. That means they cut the very top of the vinyl layer and not through the backing. This means your sticker will be a square or rectangle shape but the actual sticker design itself will be cut to a custom shape of your choosing. You choose this shape with the cut line you provide.

Kiss cut stickers don’t look as fancy as Die Cut Stickers, but they have a lot of extra benefits. 1. The sticker design is easier to peel due to the extra vinyl around it. 2. The sticker is more protected from knocks and dings as the designer itself is protected by the extra vinyl around it. 3. But the best benefit is you can add extra artwork, such as your logo or website name to the outside of the sticker. This means each sticker can be branded but when the customer peels off the design it doesn’t have your logo on the design. See some ideas below of how to do this.


Let’s tell you all about die cut stickers.

Die cut stickers, also known as contour cut are stickers that are cut to shape. That means all the way around your sticker with no spare vinyl around the edges. That means its cut through both the sticker design and the backing vinyl.

Die cut stickers look super fancy and unique compared to kiss cut ones. They have a few cons compared to kiss cut stickers, they are more easily damaged, are harder to take the sticker off and you can’t add extra designs or text outside the sticker but this is often out weighed by the unique look every sticker has.  See some ideas below of how much cooler looking Die Cut stickers are.


Let’s tell you all about sticker stickers.

Sticker sheets are perfect for smaller stickers, planner and diary stickers or just having an A6, A5 or A4 sheet filled with stickers!

Sticker sheets are often a full design in themselves with lots of artwork and text surrounding the actual stickers. Its up to you what the design will look like but with this you can have multiple stickers on a sheet in different sizes too! The come in a range of sizes and then the sticker sizes and amount of stickers per sheet is up to you!

See below for some sticker sheet ideas.