Welcome to Limited Run Merch

Welcome to Limited Run Merch, your one stop shop for all things merchandise! Created by artists, for artists, it doesn’t matter if you hang out at comic village or are a known brand. We have faced the struggles already of trying to find products we could print our designs onto. From suppliers that will only print a one colour logo, to those wanting you to order thousands of a product to even get it. That’s why we set up Limited Run Merch! We know you want your graphics in full colour, wrapped around a whole mug. We know you want stickers that are more than just circles printed on a sheet of A4 paper. We know you want your designs to take up more of the product space and to really show off your artwork.

We also know you can’t afford to order thousands of a product, let alone have somewhere to store them. We know you want to order low quantites so you can test products and designs and see if your fans like them. We also know you’re fed up of having to pay full price just because you used a different design on the same product. So we are here to solve this for you.

Why Limited Run Merch?

  • Full Colour Prints
  • No Minimum Order Quantities
  • No Charge for different designs
  • High Quality Products
  • We help you value your work
  • Made for artists, by artists.

We know shopping around is tough so we are competitively priced if you want to bulk buy but also allow you to order just 1 of every single product we make as we know you often want to see a sample product before you buy a lot of something.

Value your time and skill

We’ve been there, having undervalued ourselves but have realised our true value as artists. We speak to many artists every day who think they have to be cheaper than the bigger brands or because they are new to the scene. We say no! Your artwork is often much better than the bigger brands, its more original, unique and what people really want. You also don’t get to enjoy the luxuries of massive world wide bulk orders bringing down prices or other such deals. So you need to price your artwork for what it is worth and what your fans will pay for it to help support you so you can keep making more. We have lots of guides and will be creating more right here in future so check back often to get the help you need.


If it’s not good enough for our fans and customers we wouldn’t sell it. Limited Run Merch started because we couldn’t always find the quality we wanted from suppliers, used to making promotional merch designed to be given away free. So we bought our own equipment so we could make the quality we expected every time and we will do the same for you.

So why not get started today! Download our templates and start creating your designs. Remember you can order just 1 of something so you can test our what your designs will look like on stickers, mugs and more!

We’re always here to help, so if you have any futher questions or need assistance then send us a message. We can’t wait to help you make amazing products your fans will love!