Sample Packs


Order sample packs to get an idea of what each product looks and feels like as well as the quality of print you can expect to get. A cheap way to try out all our products.

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Sometimes you just want a sample to see what a product actually looks like and what the quality will be like. More often than not you want multiple samples so you can decide between differenty styles and products and thats where we come in to help.

Whilst you can order any products with no minimum orders, our sample packs are a cheap way to get a bunch of products for you to check out and compare. The only catch is you don’t get to choose the design on the products.

So select what type of sample pack you’d like and we will get one sent out right away to you.

You can choose:

  • Badge sample pack, get 1 of each of our badge types, Full Colour, Chrome, Holographic and Glitter.
  • Sticker Sample Pack, get 1 of each of our sticker types, White, Transparent, Chrome, Holographic and Glitter, with a random assortment of die cut and kiss cut versions.
  • Badge and Sticker Sample Pack, get both of the above.
  • Mug Sample Pack, get a white mug, a black mug, a travel mug and a coaster.
  • Fabric Sample Pack, Get a T-Shirt and a Tote Bag.
  • Homeware Sample Pack, get a t-shirt, a white mug, a coaster a travel mug and a tote bag.
  • One of Everything Sample Pack – you’ll get one of each of the above.