Die Cut Glitter Stickers


Create your own die cut glitter stickers! No minimum order quantities, select how many die cut stickers you want in total, then upload your artwork (max 25 different designs) and tell us how many sticker sheets you require per design. Save money with large bulk orders.

    Please upload your artwork here. Sticker templates below. You can also upload after ordering. Please ZIP if multiple files. .AI Files Only.

    • (max file size 64 MB)

    Save money by bulk ordering. Select your total amount of stickers and then tell us how many of each design uploaded you'd like.

    eg. 10 of design1.jpg. 12 of design2.jpg. 4 of design3.jpg etc



Create a custom die cut Glitter Stickers. Get your sticker printing done here. Printed on glitter vinyl. Cut around your design these easy to peel stickers are are thick and hard wearing, so perfect for notebooks, on walls or where ever you think they’ll be placed. Die cut stickers are loved by customers as they are easy to peel and loved by creators like you because they are cut to shape and look awesome on display.

Find out what the difference between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers is here.

Just select how many stickers you’d like in total, add your designs using our templates and then tell us how many of each design *(max 25 different designs) you want made. Perfect for artists, conventions, promotional or even making your own unique tote bags. Don’t forget to try holographic, metallic and transparent stickers!


Make money selling individual stickers with each sticker starting at just 1.4p per sticker depending on the size you choose. Each glitter vinyl sticker can be sold from anywhere from £1 up to £10 depending on the sticker size. Glitter stickers command a higher price as they are more exciting than white stickers thanks to being reflective and sparkly.

If you order 30 individual stickers at 5×5 and sold them at £3 each for example you’d only need to sell 7 stickers to cover the whole cost of your order and every other sticker would be 100% profit. Remember people are buying your artwork they can only buy from you and this is a great add on to advertise with your art work or to also give away to loyal fans. Or why not create packs of stickers by getting multiple designs printed at once?


  • Individual Stickers in a range of sizes.
  • Glitter 100 GSM Sticker Vinyl
  • Add your own full colour artwork
  • The more you buy the more you save!
  • Made for artists, convention traders, bands and anyone wanting their own custom stickers.
  • No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Create solid, transparent and semi transparent areas for cool effects.
  • Maximum of 25 different designs per order.


Colour Format: CMYK
File Format: .AI
File Resolution: 300dpi

glitter sticker custom sticker printing
Templates & Ordering


1. Download our template above. 2. Place your design onto the template. 3. Make sure you add a cut line to the cut line layer. You can place the cut line anywhere around your sticker and thats where we will cut. You can even place parts of your design outside the cut layer if you wish, eg logos. 4. If you are are purchasing Transparent, Holographic, Chrome or Glitter then you can add a white background to the parts of the sticker you wish to appear solid. This means you can have a transparent colour or area to show the vinyl through it or make that part solid if you want it to stand out What you see is what you'll get* Save it as a EPS, PSD, AI or PDF file. 5. Add to the cart how many stickers you want in total. 6. Upload your design(s) and tell us how many of each design you want made. You can upload designs to us after ordering. 7. If everything looks good we will start putting your stickers into production. It's really that easy! Got more questions on how to order? Check out our FAQs here for more answers to those all important questions.
*Please be aware each product is hand made so colours and positions may vary slightly.