Artists constantly under value their work, so we want to
help you make money by selling your designs and knowing what
prices you can charge for your one of a kind totally unique artwork.


Many artists and creators share these misconceptions, but we are here to correct you and help you succeed!


Wrong. You don’t have to compete against Marvel, Sony, Sanrio or anyone else. Not having a recognisable name or brand doesn’t mean you have to be cheaper to compete. People buying your products featuring your artwork do so because they love what you do. They want to support you and more often than not you are giving them something the bigger names are not. So don’t compare yourself to others, especially the big brands with huge marketing budgets, make sure you can sustain yourself first, as that’s all that matters.


It is! Trust me. There will always be someone out there more talented or better than you but thats not why your fans and customers like your art. They like it for you. Look at some other artists like Cyanide and Happiness or even South Park. The art is simple but making it super detailed wouldn’t make it better. People like it not because its the most technical art, but because it offers something to them they enjoy!


Nope. Cheaper means more work for you and less profit. Think of it this way. You buy a mug from us for £5. If you sell it at £6 you make £1 profit and now have to spend £5 again to get that mug back in stock. If you sold that mug at £10 you could now either buy 2 mugs from the money made, or a mug and have £5 in profit to spend on something else. Another way to look at it is to make £5 profit you’d have to sell 5 times as many mugs compared to just pricing it a bit higher, that’s a lot of extra work right? We have no minimum orders because we know you’re not sellings thousands of mugs a week and trying to make money through volume like bigger companies are able to do.


You’d be surprised. Ignore the retail shops and look at markets, etsy or comic con. Where as a retail shop may only be able to charge £1 for a badge, customers are willing to pay much more for a totally unique item from a small independent artist. They want to support you and will pay more knowing that they are not only getting a product from you but helping you to grow too.


Valuing your artwork is tough. But we have put together some prices for you to try and experiment with. Don’t be afraid to charge for more either as you can always bring the price down to find the sweet spot but can rarely increase your price.

We’ve found around £10 is the sweet spot to charge for mugs although have seen some artists succeed with £15 and even £20. Remember customers are not buying just a mug, they are buying a mug with your artwork on it. So experiment with prices above £10 and see how customers react.

For Coasters around £3.50 seems to work best and is similar in price to what coasters in popular retailers go for. Why not try a slightly higher price though or making bundles, eg. 4 coasters for £12 etc?

Stickers are a little more complicated to price. Firstly how big are your stickers? The larger they are the more you can charge. For example a 5 x 5cm sticker you may charge £2 for. Where as a 10 x 10cm sticker which is double the size may go for £5 or more! What we are saying here is that price doesn’t just go up with size but it can multiply with size. Sticker sheets can range anywhere from £2 to £10 plus, again based on size and how many stickers you are offering per sheet. Plus are you offering transparent, chrome or holographic stickers that we offer? They can be priced even higher due to their unqie nature. Check our blog for a more detailed look at sticker pricing.

Badges can vary in price. We’ve found £1-£2 per badge works for our sizes of badge but you could charge upwards of £4. Maybe even do a deal like 4 badges for £5. Or try our holographic and glitter badges which are much more unique and thus can be charged at a higher price. Remember that customers are buying your artwork, not the badge itself and thats what they are happy to pay for.

Our tote bags work as great add ons for customers, especially if you are selling in a store or at comic con etc. Most tote bags you’ve been given (especially for free) are thin and poor quality. Ours are thick and high quality so will be reused for many years to come. Thats why we’ve found £12-£15 works but have seen artists sell these for over £20, especially face to face as customers can feel the quality and see they are made to last. They work great as an add on to sales too, every customer needs a bag to store their con goodies in right?

Apparel is an interesting one. Have you ever been to a high end store and seen a T-Shirt for £100? Is the T-Shirt worth £100? No. Its generally a very high quality T-Shirt but not really any different (and sometimes worse) than our Bella+Canvas shirts. People will pay so much for a shirt because its limited edition or because they like wearing a shirt they spent £100 on. Typically though we suggest selling your shirts for around £20 but £30+ can also be considered, especially as we keep saying, people are buying your artwork and are happy to pay more. Plus the more expensive something is, the more the customer feels quality has gone into it. If you price cheap, customers will think the shirt or art may also be cheap too.

Face masks are on trend right now…for obvious reason. We’ve found £12 to be the sweet spot when selling our face masks but you can price higher or lower. But don’t worry about being too expensive when you see other face masks for £3. All face masks are different quality and ours are polyester one side, cotton the other and contain a pocket to put one of the two included filters inside. So yeah they’re great quality and include replaceable filters, so worth the slightly higher cost. Of course they’ll have your art on too so don’t worry about being more expensive than a more basic face mask. People wear these to protect each other but also as a fashion statement too.



Great, you are valuing your artwork, time, skill and passion. But we all need more help. Every so often we will post to our blog with more tutorials, tips and stuff to help you succeed.