1. Select what products you want.

 2. Use our templates to create your designs.

 3. Place your order and upload your designs.

 4. We’ll create and dispatch your order!

FaQs. General Information

How do i order?

1. Select what products you want and then select how many of each product total you’d like. We don’t have minimum order quantities (MOQ) on most of our products, so if you want 1 of something, we can do that for you.

Do you charge for extra designs?

Nope! We allow a maximum of 25 designs per product ordered. So if you order 10 mugs, you can have a different design on each mug. If you order 100 mugs you can have 25 designs split over those 100 mugs any way you like.We do not charge extra for more than 1 design which helps to save you money when you bulk order. Just upload them during or after your order.

Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ)?

Nope! If you want to order just 1 of a product you can do that. You can order 2, 3, 5, 10, or how ever many you like. Of course the more you buy the larger the bulk discounts. This is a great way to see how a design will look on a product before ordering or testing out new designs with customers and seeing which are most popular!

How do i create my designs?

We have a template page where you can download templates of our products. Just design within the template and then send it to us. We’ll then add it to the product so you can place your design how and where you want it.

How long will my order take?

As long as there are no issues with your design most orders will be dispatched within 10 business days, many often a lot quicker depending on the shipping method selected at checkout.

How much can i sell my products for?

We’ve included information on every product page on what prices we believe you can sell your products for and how much profit you can potentially make. Many artists undervalue their artwork and we are here to correct that. Remember people are buying your unique artwork they can’t get any other way.

How can i save money by buying in bulk?

Unlike most other printers we don’t charge you per design, only by the total number of products ordered. For example if you order 10 badges you can have ten different designs on each badge with no additional cost. The more you buy the larger the savings. You must bulk buy all of the same product, eg you can’t have two different finish styles or sizes of stickers, or different coloured tote bags etc as each size, colour or product is considered a variation, so you’ll need to make sure you bulk buy per product type to save the most amount.

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes, you can choose to deliver to an alternative delivery address at checkout. Packing slips do not include your details, only the products ordered.

How do i contact you?

You can find a link to our contact page at the bottom of the page.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay directly through our secure checkout with credit or debit card or paypal. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express.


What file formats do you accept?

Please make all files 300 DPI and save as PNG for items with transparent backgrounds or JPG if you do not require a transparent background. Some products like badges or stickers require vector files (.AI) to be sent to us. Please read through all templates to see what files are best for each product.

How do i send you my artwork?

You can add your artwork when you add your products to cart or email your artwork along with your order number to us after checkout. We suggest using a service like www.wetransfer.com to transfer larger files to us.

Do you keep my artwork on file?

We do not keep your artwork on file after your order has been completed. If you’d like to place a repeat order please resend us the artwork.

How long will delivery take.

We aim to dispatch all orders within 10 business days. Most orders will dispatch before 10 days but on rare occasions this may take longer and we will let you know. Once dispatched orders should arrive within 5 business days via royal mail or courier.