Limited Run Merch was created to help artists like you, created by artists just like you. As independent artists ourselves we know the struggle of finding suppliers for custom products and short run designs. We have made easy to use templates and have no minimum orders so you can see your design come to life on your very own custom merch.

Most manufacturers of custom products are set up for large businesses wanting promotional products and often are only capable of adding single colour logos to products in set locations in large bulk orders.

We wanted to make full colour designs featuring the full glory of our artwork.
We wanted to be able to trial designs with smaller runs.
We wanted higher quality.

Because of this we bought our own equipment and started making high quality products for ourselves before a thought came. We have the equipment, how can we help other artists like ourselves. Limited Run Merch was born.

Limited Run Merch was created by artists, for artists, so that we can all achieve these goals. We help artists, convention traders, creatives, and anyone who wants high quality merch without having to buy in bulk.
Avoid the hassle of having to send off your artwork and having someone else mess with it, you’re the artist, you’re the designer, you know what you are doing! We give you complete control of how your design is displayed and if you need help, we’re always here to offer that too.

We give you large print areas, the ability to customise products, special details such as metallic, chrome, and glitter effects. Order as much or as little as you need to keep on top of demand, without having to sit on unused stock.

As well, we offer our expert advice on how to sell your products. Many artists undervalue their work, or are simply unsure how to get started. Let us help you to realise your potential with our knowledge, experience, and high quality products.

We are Limited Run Merch and we are here for you!